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  • Apple jam

    The apple is a fruit that can be adapted to all recipes. It adorns both sweet and salty meals. Try to make apple jam.

    Ingredients :
    • Sugar: 900 gr
    • Lemon: 1
    • Apple: 1000 gr
    Preparation time : 20 minutes
    Cooking time : 65 minutes

    1. Peel and remove the seeds from the apple. Cut them in two, put them into a bowl and pour the lemon juice. The lemon prevents the oxidation of the fruit: It prevents them from darkening. The lemon is not necessary for this recipe.

    2. Add the sugar and two glasses of water in a large pot. Cook the syrup for 20 minutes over low heat. Be careful, it must not caramelize!

    3. Add the apples and cook for about 45 minutes by stirring frequently. Check the consistency of the jam. For that purpose, put a drop on a plate. If it stays, it is cooked.

    Fill the jars and close immediately.

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