Recipe : plum jam
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  • Plum jam

    Ingredients :
    • Sugar: 800 gr
    • Plum: 1000 gr
    Preparation time : 35 minutes
    Cooking time : 15 minutes

    1. Look for very ripe plums; wash them well under running water. Cut them in two and remove the stone.

    2. Weight the fruit without the stone.

    3. Pour the fruit, the sugar and a little lemon juice, if you want, into a jam bowl.

    4. Maceration (optional): Let sugar/plum mixture stand a whole night in a cool place.

    5. Bring the sugar/plum mixture to a boil over medium heat, then rise up and mix well to prevent ingredients from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

    6. Boil for 15 minutes stirring and skimming occasionally. A scum can form on top. You can take it off with a slotted spoon.

    7. Then reduce the heat and cook gently until plums become translucent.

    8. To find out when the plum jam is cooked, you can do the cold plate test: this test is to put a drop of jam on the cold plate, if it stays, it is ready.

    9. For better maintenance, scald the jam jars and the lids. Then, let dry before filling the jars. Another trick is to put the pots in dishwasher at a high temperature.

    10. When the plum jam is ready, you can fill the jars. Pour the plum jam into the jars, close them and turn them upside down. Wait until the plum jam is cold to store the jars. You have to be very careful as jars are very hot.

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