Recipe : onion jam
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  • Onion jam

    It will perfectly match with meats and dishes in sauce. It can be served in summer barbecues or with liver paté in holidays!!!

    Ingredients :
    • Sugar: 100 gr
    • Onion: 1000 gr
    • Peeled tomatoes: 1 bottle
    • Salt
    • Pepper
    • Provencal herbs
    • Red wine: 20 cl
    Preparation time : 20 minutes
    Cooking time : 40 minutes

    1. Peel and chop the onions finely.

    2. Brown them in a high-sided frying pan until they become translucent.

    3. Add the red wine and the sugar, let the wine evaporate and melt the sugar by gently stirring over medium-high.

    4. Mix the tomatoes with their juice; add them to the pan with salt, pepper and Provencal herbs.

    5. Simmer until most of tomatoes juice has evaporated.

    The jam is ready when the onion breaks under a spoon.

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