Recipe : pear jam
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  • Pear jam

    The pear jam is not well known. Try it: Its delicious taste will put some sunshine on bread or crepes in winter.

    Ingredients :
    • Sugar: 650 gr
    • Pear: 1000 gr
    Preparation time : 15 minutes
    Cooking time : 20 minutes

    1. All varieties of pear, such as pear Williams, Beurré Hardy, Conférence, etc., can be used.

    2. Wash the pears, peel and drain them.

    3. Remove the seeds and the grainy core of the pear.

    4. Cut the pears in small pieces in the jam-making.

    5. Add the sugar and bring to a boil.

    6. Cooking of pear jam:
      Boil for 15 minutes stirring and skimming occasionally.
      To find out when the pear jam is cooked, you can do the cold plate test: this test is to put a drop of jam on the cold plate, if it stays, it is ready.

    Once the jam is ready, fill the jars and close immediately. Place the jars upside down. Be careful not to burn as they are very hot. Once the jars are cool, they can be stored.

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